Sustainability Through Art

Dolores Stewart, Sculptress, “The Quilter”


It has been proven in may cities around the country that an investment in an artistic movement will help create and sustain activities that financially elevate a community and ignite a transformation within the community.  In Maryland, Virginia, DC, Harlem and Detroit are contemporary examples of government and citizen partnerships investing in the arts.  When the steel industry left Bethlehem it became a ghost town – see how the entire Lehigh Valley has developed it’s arts community and it’s economic viability.  Detroit lost the mighty auto industry and became a bankrupt ghost town – now it is an international destination for creatives establishing studios, workshops, galleries and arts education throughout the city!  The city of Alexandria will be managing one of the most successful arts community on the East Coast when the Torpedo Factory and they become partners.

Art is indigenous commodity, that is insulated from the vagaries in the market or the economy because it is sustained by a renewable resource – artists!

The Women’s Arts Collective is ready to use our artistic and economic development vision to create a more prosperous and sustainable future for Plainfield and the Central New Jersey area.

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Our vision is to join the unique talent of women artists with the local Plainfield, New Jersey members to create a beautiful economically thriving community.

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