The Women's Arts Collective

As artists, it is our desire to create and discover beauty in our surroundings.


The Women’s Arts Collective (TWAC) is a network of artistic and innovative women 55-years and older who are passionate about passing down the skills and techniques of art through generations.

As advocates for the arts, we come together to create and cultivate a range of artistic expression for all ages within our community, in order to support economic, cultural, and educational progression.

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Support Local Artists

We support members of TWAC by investing in ways to create and show case their work. Women creatives 55-years and older are eligible to receive studio space, exhibition opportunities and financial assistance for their work. Providing a way for these artists to create and visibly show their work benefit the entire community.

Educational Art

We work with the people of Plainfield New Jersey and the surrounding community to host educational events that teach a variety of artistic technique.  Members of TWAC instruct the class to inspire generations to get involved in visual and performance expression.

Community Partnership

We support the revitalization of public art programs in order to boost culture and financial stability in the area.  Visible art in the community can be an attractive asset to the community and local business looking to increase customers and brand awareness.

Our Goal

Support Women Creatives with studio space, exhibition opportunities, and financial assistance.